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Carla Santos Pereira


Carla Santos Pereira é Professora Auxiliar do Departamento Ciência e Tecnologia (DCT) da Universidade Portucalense (UPT), Doutorada em Matemática pelo Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa (IST), Mestre em Probabilidades e Estatística pela Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL) e Licenciada em Estatística pela UPT. Atualmente é Presidente do Conselho Pedagógico da UPT e Coordenadora do Mestrado em Ciência de Dados. Tem vários anos de experiência na lecionação de variadas disciplinas nas áreas da Matemática e da Estatística em diversas Licenciaturas, Mestrados e Doutoramentos, na Universidade Portucalense, na FEUP e no ISEP. É investigadora do REMIT – Research on Economics, Management and Information Technologies, sendo autora de várias publicações científicas na área da Estatística Multivariada. Afiliação: Centro de Investigação: REMIT Departamento: DCT

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REMIT – Research on Economics, Management and Information Technologies
Centro de investigação que que tem como objetivo principal produzir e disseminar conhecimento teórico e aplicado que possibilite uma maior compreensão das dinâmicas e tendências económicas, empresariais, territoriais e tecnológicas do mundo contemporâneo e dos seus efeitos socioeconómicos. O REMIT adota uma perspetiva multidisciplinar que integra vários domínios científicos: Economia e Gestão; Ciências e Tecnologia; Turismo, Património e Cultura. Founded in 2017, REMIT – Research on Economics, Management and Information Technologies is a research unit of Portucalense University. Based on a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective it aims at responding to social challenges through a holistic approach involving a wide range of scientific fields such as Economics, Management, Science, Technology, Tourism, Heritage and Culture. Grounded on the production of advanced scientific knowledge, REMIT has a special focus on its application to the resolution of real issues and challenges, having as strategic orientations: - the understanding of local, national and international environment; - the development of activities oriented to professional practice, namely in the business world.

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  • PublicaçãoAcesso Aberto
    The mission and practices of current school: the reality of TEIP.
    2016-02 - Bastos, Fernanda; Costa-Lobo, Cristina; Santos-Pereira, Carla
    This study follows the line of the studies of various authors, among them, Abelha, Machado e Costa Lobo (2014), Roldão (1999, 1999a, 2007), Hargreaves (1998) and Alarcão (2003), and fulfills the purpose of studying the collaborative work among the teachers of the School Cluster of D. Pedro I. This School Cluster is situated in the parish of Canidelo, in the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, in the district of Porto. This School Cluster is part of the Educational Territories of Priority Intervention (TEIP). Then, we used a methodological design, a quantitative one, analyzing the different opinions of teachers belonging to the educational context in the study, about their representations of the dynamics of collaborative work, their conceptions of curriculum, curriculum management, curriculum development and educational project. The information that was collected was then subjected to statistical analysis, with the support of SPSS calculation software tool (Statistical Package for Social Sciences), version 22. Given the results obtained, we are then faced with the scope of the initial purpose of this study , that is, understanding the ownership of the respondents in relation to concepts already listed, understand how they manage the curriculum, characterization of work dynamics at the curriculum management level and evaluation of the changes demonstrated at the level of satisfaction of the teaching staff regarding the dynamics of work according to the personal and professional characteristics of the respondents. This study opens up potential future scenarios of research and intervention in the field of reflective school, focusing on school cultures of excellence.
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    Robust clustering method for the detection of outliers: using AIC to select the number of clusters
    2013 - Pires, Ana M.; Santos-Pereira, Carla
    In Santos-Pereira and Pires (Computational Statistics, pp. 291–296. Physica, Heidelberg, 2002) we proposed a method to detect outliers in multivariate data based on clustering and robust estimators. To implement this method in practice it is necessary to choose a clustering method, a pair of location and scatter estimators, and the number of clusters, k. After several simulation experiments it was possible to give a number of guidelines regarding the first two choices. However, the choice of the number of clusters depends entirely on the structure of the particular data set under study. Our suggestion is to try several values of k (e.g., from 1 to a maximum reasonable k which depends on the number of observations and on the number of variables) and select k minimizing an adapted AIC. In this chapter we analyze this AIC-based criterion for choosing the number of clusters k (and also the clustering method and the location and scatter estimators) by applying it to several simulated data sets with and without outliers.
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    Special Issue Information
    2023-01 - Fernandes, Cristina; Durão, Natércia; Moreira, Fernando; Lobo, Carla Azevedo; Santos-Pereira, Carla
    Dear Colleagues, Sustainability generally addresses three fundamental pillars: environmental and ecological, economic, and social. It is a concept related to the conservation or maintenance of a scenario in the long term to deal well with possible threats. The notion of sustainability emerged supported by the clear understanding that natural resources are limited and finite. In this understanding, sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. [...]
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    The state of mobile learning supported by gamification and augmented reality in higher education institutions across three continents
    2020-01 - Annamalai, Nagaletchimee; Moreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João; Durão, Natércia; Santos-Pereira, Carla
    The pervasive digitization is now a reality for organizations and society at large. In the last decade, for example, smartphones have been gradually transforming their scope from just voice communications providers to powerful media and computing devices. This transformation has led to a growth in business initiatives, namely in the services provision throughmobile applications. In this context, higher education asanorganizationandpartofsociety is compelled to change its operant mode in general and in particular in the teaching‐learning process making it more digital and at the same time more motivating for students. The aim of this study is to investigate the perception that higher education professors in the area of technology, across Southern Europe, South America, and Asia have about the use of mobile technologies such as gamification and augmented reality and how they can be used to promote student’sengagementinsideandoutsideoftheclassroom.
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    Towards the digital transformation: are portuguese organizations in this way?
    2019-03 - Santos-Pereira, Carla; Moreira, Fernando; Ferreira, Maria João; Durão, Natércia
    Digital transformation is increasingly an element to be considered in the new paradigm of organizations. This transformation increases business opportunities and open a window for new approaches to the same business, both internally and externally, including changes in business processes and relationships with the organization’s stakeholders. Due of this, several concepts like digital transformation and enablers among others have emerged, and occurred in this new era. Being this in mind, it is fundamental to see if organizations in Portugal are already living in the aforementioned digital transformation or if they are aware of the need to adapt to this new reality. Thus, the objective of this research is to perceive the state of the art of Portuguese organizations in light of digital transformation.
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    International business performance and the enhancers of the internationalization strategy in Portuguese firms
    2019 - Lobo, Carla Azevedo; Durão, Natércia; Santos-Pereira, Carla
    As business has become increasingly global, firms have been defied to develop a distinct approach in terms of business resources, skills and capabilities. The way in which these factors are organized and directed depend upon the role played by the entrepreneur within the company. In other words, the entrepreneur's role can define the company's ability to acquire and operationalize its resources, thus being able to influence business performance, especially of international businesses. Research on factors affecting internationalization is attracting growing interest, but few empirical works focus on the perspective of the entrepreneur. Aiming to analyze the existence of an association between international business performance and the factors that act, on the entrepreneur perspective, as enhancers of the internationalization strategy, an online questionnaire survey was conducted with several variables, based on the literature review. Data collected from the 311 valid responses (Portuguese international firms) were treated by IBM SPSS Statistics 24.0 software. The statistical analyses used were Descriptive Analysis (frequency analysis, descriptive statistics and graphical representations), Inferential Analysis (Spearman´s ordinal correlation, Kruskall-Wallis Test and Chi-Square Test), Reliability Analysis (Cronbach´s alpha) and Categorical Principal Components Analysis (CATPCA). In accordance with International New Ventures Theory, the Strategic Choice view and Network theory, we found evidence of the positive correlation between international experience of the employees and the percentage of business that resulted from internationalization. We also concluded that there is evidence of the importance of specific skills of the employees, of propensity to take risks and the importance of Networks, in international business performance.
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    Exploring the relationship between innovation, entry modes and destination countries
    2024-01-03 - Lobo, Carla Azevedo; Santos-Pereira, Carla; Durão, Natércia; Azevedo, Mónica
    In a world characterized by globalization, where the internationalization of businesses is pivotal for their prosperity, innovation is emerging as a pivotal strategic choice influencing their growth and competitive edge. Despite the broad consensus on the growing importance of internationalization and innovation, some questions arise about the relationship of innovation with entry modes with less commitment to the market and with destination markets with less risks. In order to determine whether there is a pattern of relationship between internationalization modes, destination markets, and innovation for Portuguese firms, the objective is to study this possibility. To achieve this goal, we carried out an online questionnaire survey to collect data. The questionnaire was carefully designed based on a literature review and included various variables related to the internationalization of firms. It was sent to all 8183 firms listed in the AICEP database of Portuguese internationalized firms through Google Forms tool. The data was collected over an 8-month period, starting in May 2019. To analyze the data, we used IBM SPSS Statistics 27.0 software, applying a quantitative approach. We employed Quantitative Analysis Methodologies: Univariate and Multivariate Exploratory Factorial Analysis (EFA), Correlation analysis and the nonparametric tests Chi-square and Mann-Whitney. Based on the findings, the empirical evidence clearly demonstrates that firms employing internationalization modes demanding higher commitment, along with those targeting geographically and psychologically distant markets, place significantly greater emphasis on innovation as a pivotal factor driving their international expansion.
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    Evaluation of teaching performance in Higher Education: Students perspectives and teaching management indicators
    2017 - Costa-Lobo, Cristina; Santos-Pereira, Carla; Jesus-Silva, Natacha; Durão, Natércia
    This study is part of a research project whose main objective is to identify, select, evaluate and synthesize the available evidence on Quality Indicators in Higher Education. There is, an advance in the establishment of Quality evaluation standards in Higher Education. Higher education institutions have undergone profound changes in the last 40 years, in particular in the Teacher Performance Evaluation. In the recent past, such as massification and democratization, were necessary and useful, although it is still necessary to anticipate structural and functional changes that increase the quality and social equity of Higher Education. In this work, the parameters resulting from pedagogical surveys in a Portuguese higher education institution in the north of the country will be presented, surveys for the 2015/2016 school year, presented to 1751 students, in a total of 11 degrees and 18 master's degrees. It is analyzed the performance of a group of 68 teachers, working full time, teachers evaluated by students. This paper presents the instruments made profitable by the students in the last three academic years, allowing the identification of the indicators regarding the qualifications and competences of the faculty in the following areas: research, teaching, university management and transfer and knowledge valorization. This paper describes the procedures resulting from the descriptive analysis (frequency analysis, descriptive measures and association measures) and inferential analysis (ANOVA one-way, MANOVA one-way, MANOVA two-way and correlation analysis) discussing the results regarding the impact of teacher performance on student satisfaction.
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    Caracterização da variabilidade natural da resistência ao corte de um solo residual de granito do Porto
    2014 - Branco, Luís Pinheiro; Gomes, António Topa; Cardoso, António Silva; Santos-Pereira, Carla
    A renovação imposta pelos Eurocódigos nas metodologias de avaliação da segurança carece da análise estatística da variabilidade das propriedades geotécnicas dos maciços. Porém, os estudos publicados na literatura não contemplam os materiais que ocupam a maioria da superfície da região noroeste de Portugal – os solos residuais de granito – aos quais se encontra associada uma forte heterogeneidade. Assim, recorrendo a um número bastante significativo de ensaios experimentais, procedeu-se à caracterização estatística da variabilidade natural de um solo residual de granito do Porto, com especial incidência sobre as suas propriedades geomecânicas, tendo em vista a definição de uma base de projeto para a análise probabilística de problemas envolvendo este tipo de formações – modelação da variabilidade através da lei estatística teórica mais adequada e sua quantificação, por via do coeficiente de variação e da escala de flutuação.
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