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PublicaçãoAcesso Aberto
Impact of hotel service quality dimensions on hotel brand image and guest repeat patronage
(Universidade de Aveiro, 2023-11-28) Singh, Ramjit; Manhas, Parikshat Singh; Nika, Abid Suhail; Quintela, Joana
The present research aims to assess the structural relationship between service quality and guest repeat patronage in the hospitality industry, examining examines the service quality, hotel brand image, and guest repeat patronage. The research design is exploratory cum descriptive in nature. The primary data were collected in June-August 2019 and 400 were considered valid responses for analysis. SPSS 21 was used for data treatment and descriptive analysis, exploratory factor analysis, t-test, ANOVA, and structural equation modelling (SEM), and a multilateral technique was provided. The factors of service quality like tangibility and empathy have shown the maximum variance explained. It indicates that the guests have felt these two factors are more important in enhancing their satisfaction level. Overall, better service quality in hotels enables them to achieve higher guest satisfaction and retention. The more and better the hotel's service diversity, the more positive the brand image developed in guests' minds, influencing their repeat patronage. The present research contributes to the theory of the vital concepts of service quality, brand image, and guest repeat patronage. It clarifies the positive relationship between service quality, brand image, and guest repeat patronage to improve the hotel's service quality and brand image.
PublicaçãoAcesso Aberto
Promotion of psychological well-being and life satisfaction in pre-adolescents through mindfulness amidst COVID-19
(Springer, 2023-12-01) Magalhães, Sofia; Carvalhais, Lénia; Oliveira, Patrícia; Francisco, Cátia; Mourisco, Cristina; Leal, Teresa; Limpo, Teresa
Mindfulness-based programs (MBPs) seem to be a popular way to develop pre-adolescents’ regulation abilities, psychological health, and life satisfaction, especially in difficult times. However, research into the effects of MBPs and factors influencing their effectiveness is still scarce and mixed. In the interest of understanding how MBPs can effectively be used to enhance pre-adolescents’ regulation abilities, psychological health, and life satisfaction, this study aimed (a) to analyze and compare the effects of two 16-week-MBPs with different implementation dosages and (b) to evaluate the moderating role of participants characteristics on MBP effects.
PublicaçãoAcesso Restrito
Importance of traditions and family business at Christmas: A quantitative analysis of practices and values in Portugal
(Emerald, 2023-12-05) Santos, Eulália; Tavares, Fernando Oliveira; Foliveira, Margarida Freitas
Purpose Christmas is the most consumed event of the year, always full of traditions, namely family ones, which are very significant. In this way, it is intended to find out the importance of traditions at Christmas time and analyze their implications for family businesses. Design/methodology/approach The study is quantitative in nature, based on a questionnaire survey carried out with 551 Portuguese individuals, over 18 years of age, where different issues related to Christmas traditions and family are addressed. Findings The results demonstrate that the Christmas traditions scale is made up of four factors: family traditions on Christmas Eve, aspects related to the Christmas spirit, changes in Christmas traditions with the COVID-19 pandemic and traditions of participating in events with family at Christmas. Cod and octopus dishes are the most popular dishes on Christmas Eve. In relation to sweets/desserts, king cake, rabanadas, vermicelli, children's bread and sponge cake are the most common on Christmas Eve. Originality/value The study helps to understand Portuguese Christmas traditions, providing knowledge that allows defining strategies for family businesses, improving the experience and relationship with consumers at a special time of year. It is hoped that the trends in Christmas traditions in this study will contribute to unveiling the Christmas spirit, also serve as a marketing image and create curiosity and motivation on the part of other cultures to visit Portugal during this festive season, in order to experience Christmas traditions.