Carvalhais, Lénia

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Lénia Carvalhais
I'm interested in research on literacy (reading and writing disabilities and intervention programs), on schools field (student/teacher relationship; teacher training) and specific work carried out/training by personnel in organizations such as Residential Care or Occupational Centres for Disability. I have extensive experience in applying and developing tests and intervention programs, including Randomized Controlled Trials. I also explore the role of different cognitive variables on children’s language development considering different background factors. My research has important implications for theoretical questions and interventions. It can lead to new assessment tools and intervention materials that could help to tackle some of the difficulties faced by children and youth in actual days.
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I2P - Instituto Portucalense de Psicologia
Portucalense Institute for Psychology (I2P) is a R&D unit devoted to the study of cognition and behavior in context. With an interdisciplinary focus, namely on Education,Translational and Applied Psychology

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