Trends in the Hospitality Industry: A global perspective

dc.contributor.authorMarques, Jorge
dc.contributor.authorMarques, Rui Pedro
dc.description.abstractOver the past few years, there have been changes in tourist accommodation, whether through new investments or restructuring and upgrading existing tourist accommodation. We have witnessed a greater diversity in the offer of leisure facilities (conference rooms and spas, among others), the implementation of more sustainable measures, the introduction of technological innovations and the association of themes or tourist products to the basic concept. Local accommodation (short-rental accommodation) has also changed the global panorama of hospitality, providing a complementary alternative to traditional tourist accommodation. These changes, being just a few examples, are seen as ways of valuing the business model and creating a more competitive offer that meets the specific requirements of tourism demand that is increasingly segmented and influenced by the changes that have also occurred in consumer behaviour. This chapter gives an insight into the latest trends impacting hospitality and how they affect the hotel industry, mainly focusing on the leading technological innovations used in hotels. The aim is to understand better the global trends that will continue to influence the dynamics in hospitality, focusing on digital transformation in the hotel industry.pt_PT
dc.identifier.citationMarques, J., & Marques, R. P. (2023). Trends in the Hospitality Industry: A global perspective. In. J. Marques, & R. P. Marques (Eds.), Digital transformation of the Hotel Industry: Theories, practices, and global challenges (pp. 1-16). (Part of book series "Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management"). Springer Nature. Repositório Institucional UPT.
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dc.subjectHotel industrypt_PT
dc.subjectDigital transformationpt_PT
dc.titleTrends in the Hospitality Industry: A global perspectivept_PT
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degois.publication.titleDigital transformation of the Hotel Industry: Theories, practices, and global challengespt_PT
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