Culture as a way of redefining image: Guimarães, European Cultural Capital 2012.

dc.contributor.authorCarvalho, Ana Amélia Amorim
dc.contributor.authorCarvalho, Cláudia
dc.description.abstractIn a highly competitive environment, where needs and desires of individuals are in constant evolution, one of the main challenges of cities lies in their ability to differentiate themselves and add value for residents, workers, visitors and investors. In order to attract potential target audiences (new residents, workers, tourists, investors) and maximizing the city’s potential, place marketing actions and city branding techniques have become key instruments for local governments. Therefore, some cities have elected culture as a privileged means of gaining competitive advantage and disassociate themselves from an industrial tradition. In this sense, the goal of this study is to understand how a medium-sized city with an industrial background can redefine its image through culture. Given the nature of the problem, it has been adopted a case-study research methodology, having been selected Guimarães European Cultural Capital 2012 (ECC 2012) brand as unit of analysis. The analysis was conducted using a mixed approach based on desk research and questionnaires to the brand’s target audience (n = 938). More precisely, this study focused on the analysis the Guimarães ECC 2012 brand, in terms of its identity, objet and market. The study proved that the ECC 2012 event enabled to develop a strong, unique and distinct identity and renew the pride of its citizens. Simultaneously, the event permitted to add a new life to the city, which incited a visit of “old” and “new”
dc.identifier.citationCarvalho, A., & Carvalho, C. (2013). Culture as a way of redefining image: Guimarães, European Cultural Capital 2012. In 15th IAMB Conference International Academy of Management and Business, ISEG, Lisboa, 17 -19
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dc.titleCulture as a way of redefining image: Guimarães, European Cultural Capital
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