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    Governance in family firms: How to ensure continuity
    (Academic Conferences International, 2023-11-13) Jayantitlal, Shital; Jorge, Sílvia F.; Alcarva, Paulo
    Family firms play a key role in the world economy, yet their success is often plagued by family-related issues and conflict. Succession is one of the most critical hurdles they face. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how specific governance instruments, such as the family protocol, can aid mitigate the conflicts by establishing a set of guidelines and procedures to aid govern the operation, management and continuity of family firms. To study the underlying strategic decision making process of the multiple stakeholders involved, this paper resorts to game theory. The results will provide valuable determinants of the family protocol which may aid smooth managerial transfer in the family firm and uphold harmony in the family setting.
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    Leadership: Impact on the satisfaction of public administration workers in Portugal
    (Academic Conferences International, 2023-11-13) Bessa, Carlos Pinto; Pereira, Manuel Sousa; Faria, Sílvia
    The purpose of this work is to evaluate the role of leadership in the local public administration workers' satisfaction level. This is a study case carried out with workers from the Municipality of Penafiel. A questionnaire was made, based on the European framework model of self-assessment CAF (Common Assessment Framework). With a total of 72 questions, supported by a Likert scale, we were able to get a final sample of 407 valid answers, out of 665 employees. Data indicates the existence of a positive and statistically significant correlation between leadership and motivation, involvement, and workers' participation. It was also possible to see the impact of leadership on the workers' perception of justice, equal opportunities, rewards and career development.
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    Leverage decisions and manager characteristics: Evidence for european banks
    (Eurasian Business and Economic Society, 2022-01) Carvalho, Margarita; Cerejeira, João
    This study assesses how manager’s characteristics influence leverage decisions. Using data from European banks, the results show that younger managers are riskprone and less conservative in leverage decisions. Moreover, it is observed that for higher levels of leverage more experienced managers tend to increase leverage. This is also true for managers with a longer tenure as they may bring their personal preferences towards risk. However, this effect differs according to the level of leverage at the manager’s appointment date. The inclusion of the decision horizon seems to validate the idea that a short-term managerial horizon enhances the selfinterested behaviour of the manager and this is reflected on capital structure decisions.
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    Towards reducing electricity costs in an energy community equipped with home energy management systems and a local energy controller
    (IEEE, 2023-09-22) Javadi, Mohammad S.; Osório, Gerardo J.; Cardoso, Ricardo J.A.; Catalão, João P. S.
    An energy community equipped with Home Energy Management Systems (HEMSs) is considered in this paper. A local energy controller in the energy community makes it possible to transact energy between houses to support the different consumption patterns of each end-user. Price-based voluntary Demand Response (DR) programs are applied to each house to motivate end-users to alter their consumption patterns, allowing the necessary flexibility of the electrical grid. Also, the existence of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) micro-generation and an Energy Storage System (ESS) are taken into account. The results demonstrate that the proposed model based on Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP) is fully capable of reducing daily electricity costs while considering end-users' comfort and respecting the different technical constraints.
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    Impact of P2P market transactions on distribution network congestion considering physical constraints
    (IEEE, 2023-09-27) Santos, Sérgio F.; Branco, José T. R. A.; Osório, Gerardo J.; Catalão, João P. S.
    The novel trend of peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions has allowed traditional consumers to become prosumers, capable of maximizing the usage of their energy production by sharing it with their neighbors. Thus, the P2P market has emerged to allow both prosumers and consumers to trade energy independently from the conventional market. However, while local energy transactions will allow for a more open and decentralized grid, they will nevertheless have a significant impact on the planning, control and operation of distribution grids. Hence, in this paper, an improved model is presented to evaluate the impact of P2P transactions on distribution grid congestion, considering its restrictions and the uncertainty associated with renewable energy sources generation and load. The objective function has been modeled to minimize the transaction costs of each prosumer/consumer. The model was tested on a branch adapted from a 119-bus IEEE test grid, in which different operational scenarios have been considered through case studies, considering the various RES technologies and energy storage systems (ESS) installed by each prosumer/consumer. Comprehensive simulation results indicate that the introduction of smart grid enabling technologies and P2P transactions has led to both technical (voltage profile and grid congestion) and economic benefits for the distribution grid and its users.
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    Online collaborative learning: A study of communicative interactions in a Latin American university environment
    (Springer, 2023-11-08) Arango-Vásquez, Sandra Isabel; Manrique-Losada, Bell; Moreira , Fernando
    The Collaborative Learning has been a reference learning theory in higher education, nevertheless, learners don’t recognize and take advantage of its potential, or how to reach approaches and coregulate with peers. The current post-pandemic scenario has generated new opportunities for interaction in virtual environments. However, the low or inconstant students’ participation in them has given way to research seeking to know the causes and whole scenario of process and suggest alternatives to enhance communicative interactions and collaboration on online platforms. In this article we study how can communicative interactions and collaboration mediated by information and communication technologies be fostered, enhanced, or increased in university e-learning environments. This research was developed using the qualitative perspective with a hermeneutic methodological approach. For the study, 124 primary studies of the literature and 42 e-learning environments of the Academic U-Virtual platform of the ‘Universidad de Medellín’ -Colombia were analyzed. The application of the research method allowed us to find four major components as a result: motivation and feedback, mediation/interaction, didactic, and technological. Such components can integrate and promote communicative interactions and online collaboration in university environments. As main conclusions, we found that the proposed components will allow: (i) to distinguish the particularities of communicative interactions; (ii) to facilitate tasks oriented to promote skills centered on collaboration, self-learning, and flexibility; and (iii) to design improved virtual environments by using synchronous and asynchronous tools that encourage the communicative interactions and the permanent collaboration of professors and students on e-learning platforms.
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    The Representativeness of Portuguese Touristic Business and tax Procedures in their Creation
    (APCIL, 2021-05) Aldeia, Susana; Hemsworth, Kevin; Conde, Rosa; Nadais, Catarina
    Several countries assume tourism activity as a strategy, recognized as a system that represents a value chain, extending to activities that are related indirectly. In 2019, that sector was responsible for 52,3% of the services exportation, representing the most significant exporting activity in Portugal, which allows higher contributions to employability and economy. To give a response to this demand phenomenon, the economy increases and diversifies the offer, ensuring an efficient response to the visitors' needs. The touristic offer has different dimensions such as accommodation, transports, food and beverage and entertainment activities. The main goal of this paper is to understand the impact and contribution of tourism companies to the Portuguese economy, in particular, their representativeness and dynamic in the Portuguese business. This study analyses several legal dispositions to understand the procedures that companies face developing their businesses within the tourism area, therefore, the commercial, business and tax laws were investigated. Using an exploratory and descriptive methodology, considering the period between 2008 to 2018, it analyses the relevance of tourism companies in the economic sphere, using secondary data from different institutions, namely, National Statistics Institute - Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE), Bank of Portugal - Banco de Portugal (BP), Tourism of Portugal - Turismo de Portugal (TP), and other sources considered relevant for this investigation. The results show that these companies face heavy bureaucracy procedures to provide services. Portuguese jurisdiction imposes several obligations that represent a significant increase in costs. According to the INE, in 2018, this sector represented 8.9% of the non-financial companies and 6.4% of the gross added value. Accommodation companies form about one-third of this area. In the dimension domain, the micro-businesses are more typical as the medium-sized companies represent 0.7%, and the less representative are the big dimension enterprises standing for 0.1%.
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    Software and hardware forensic tools: an overview of the accounting and tax framework in portuguese non-state intitutions
    (Varazdin Development and Entrepreneurship Agency, 2021-10) Aldeia, Susana
    The main goal of this paper is to research the accounting and tax treatment of the hardware and software's good purchase by the private companies that provide forensic services. For this purpose, it studies accounting and taxation law in Portugal. Concerning to the accounting issues, it analyses the Portuguese Accounting Standardization System, and the other and, about taxation matters it assays the Value-Add Tax and the Corporate Income Tax law. The results show that accounting rules determine the recognition of computer equipment, as a tangible fixed asset. In the purchase moment, that equipment is a non-current asset, and the corresponding cost is the depreciation’ recordation of each economic period. In taxation sphere, in particular, in Corporate Income Tax Law, the treatment is similar, and the depreciation is a deductible tax cost. Furthermore, the company does not support the VAT taxof the purchase because the entity is a VAT taxpayer.
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    Enablers for the Success for Competitive Stance in Portuguese Companies Due to Digital Transformation During Covid-19
    (Springer, 2023-10-31) Durão, Natércia; Santos-Pereira, Carla; Ferreira, Maria João; Moreira, Fernando
    The rapid development of digital technologies has dramatically affected organizations across a wide range of business sectors. Companies that rely on/use such technologies and transform a significant part of their modus operandi, including operational and management, thus achieve digital transformation (DT), and their market value typically increases. Digital technologies—also called innovation accelerators—include, among many others, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this circumstance, the main goals of this research are to understand how organizations are changing, what causes the change, and how different organizations work in practice “against” each other in the context of digital transformation. The research presented here involved 8183 companies, registered in the AICEP database of Portuguese companies, resulting in a sample of 93 with valid responses belonging to various sectors of activity. The statistical analysis used to identify the items that made up six defined dimensions: (1) Strategic Vision, (2) Culture of Innovation, (3) Know-how and Intellectual Property, (4) Digital Capabilities, (5) Strategic Alignment and (6) Technology assets was Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA). The six dimensions make it easier to compare one business to others, even whether they are in similar stages of growth in terms of DT or within the same activity sector. The research demonstrates that to participate in DT inside an organization, various hard and soft skills are needed for the distinct aspects of the process. The findings suggest the high level of diversity and the necessity for a comprehensive strategy to handle businesses’ complexity, where leadership plays a crucial role. The research additionally shows how a variety of capabilities must be used to implement, evaluate, and monitor specific requirements in a particular environment to achieve DT.
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    Exploring industrial tourism's potential: How can it contribute to business innovation?
    (Academic Conferences International Limited, 2023-09-18) Montenegro, Zulmira; Marques, Jorge; Sousa, Cristina
    This article delves into the potential of industrial tourism and emphasizes its significance as an innovative and sustainable product for industrial companies. The research question driving this exploration is, "How can industrial tourism contribute to business innovation?" In answering this question, the article provides valuable insights into the development of strategies that allow companies to leverage industrial tourism for their benefit, ultimately positioning it as a strategic factor for enhancing their competitiveness. As part of an ongoing research project, the study adopts the Delphi research methodology and presents the initial findings from the first round of questionnaires administered to a panel of 27 experts. The results demonstrate that industrial tourism can act as a catalyst for innovation within industrial companies, making a notable impact across various areas, including Operations, Marketing, and Human Resources. Moreover, the findings indicate that generating additional income, prioritizing environmental and social integrity, and preserving industrial heritage is closely associated with innovation through industrial tourism. The research underscores the pivotal role of the Financial, Operational, and Human Resources areas within industrial companies for the successful diversification into industrial tourism. However, the strategic alignment of the company's overall vision with industrial tourism is equally fundamental. Despite not being the primary focus of industrial companies, industrial tourism emerges as a potent source of innovation and competitiveness within these organizations. The results suggest that the Financial, Operational, and Human Resources areas of industrial companies are central to the success of diversification to Industrial Tourism. Still, it is fundamental that the company strategy is aligned with industrial Tourism. Although Industrial Tourism is not the focus of industrial companies, it can be a source of innovation and competitiveness within companies.
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    Forecasting Networks Links with Laplace Characteristic and Geographical Information in Complex Networks
    (Elsevier, 2023-10) Wasim, Muhammad; Al-Obeidat, Feras; Moreira, Fernando; Gul, Haji; Amin, Adnan
    Forecasting links in a network is a crucial task in various applications such as social networks, internet traffic management, and data mining. Many studies on forecasting links in social networks and on other networks have been conducted over the last decade. In this paper, we propose a novel method based on graph Laplacian eigenmaps for predicting the geographic location of nodes in complex networks. Our method utilizes the adjacency matrix of the network and generates a scoring matrix that captures the similarity between nodes in terms of their geographic location. By transforming the distance matrices into score matrices using exponential decay, we show that the method achieves consistently high performance across various real-world datasets, surpassing other state-of-the-art methods. Our experiments on real-world networks demonstrate that The LCG method proposed in this study exhibits consistently high performance across most of the evaluated datasets, with an average score of 0.95%, surpassing the other methods.
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    The brazilian tourist on international trips: A behavioral analysis
    (Springer, 2023-10-05) Pereira, Manuel Sousa; Braga, Ana Carolina; Sousa, Bruno; Faria, Sílvia; Cairrão, Álvaro
    Tourism is an activity heavily dependent on the movement of people and travel (with different motivations). As a result, tourism has been heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of 2020. The number of trips has dropped considerably across the world and particularly in Brazil. Several studies show that one of the biggest dreams of Brazilians is to travel, but only about 1% of the inhabitants in the country usually travel internationally annually. Despite being a tiny amount of the population, it is more than 2 million people who travel and consume in the international tourism sector. This study proposes to analyze the behavior of Brazilian tourists on trips abroad, describing through a survey the choices of these travelers. From an interdisciplinary perspective, this manuscript presents inputs for marketing, (i.e., consumer behavior), for tourism (i.e., management of tourism services) and for management.
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    Environmental sustainability and sports management: A review of marketing contributions and discussion of future research opportunities
    (Springer, 2023-09-05) Cayolla, Ricardo; Escadas, Marco
    In this research, we provide an overview of the increasing area of environmental sustainability in the sports management field and discuss future research opportunities. Through a division of topics that we consider most impactful, a selection of the research that has been implemented is presented, as well as their results and possible future directions. We conclude with a final reflection to extend and deepen sustainability studies in sport management.
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    The importance of technology and digital media to promote Tourism destinations: A conceptual review
    (Springer, 2023-09-05) Nogueira, Sónia; Carvalho, Joana
    This article discusses the processes of the increasing use of technology and digital media to promote tourism destinations. This paper aims to present the increasing use of technology and digital media to promote tourism destinations. Not only as a theoretical concept but also as an opportunity for small or medium-sized businesses that operate in the tourism sector. It presents the current trends in digital tourism, focusing on digital media and how technology is shaping, influencing, and informing travel decisions impacting tourists’ behavior. Our critical overview suggests that we are dealing with a phenomenon rooted in the new opportunities given by the digital expansion with relevant effects for the tourism destinations promotion. However, contributions on this topic within the existing literature remain scarce. Accordingly, we discuss the main studies on this issue and its results to conclude about the current importance of digital media for tourism destination promotion and future research agenda.
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    System of tax incentives in research and business development: An analysis of the recent case Law of Portuguese Tax Arbitration
    (ACI - Academic Conference International, 2023-09-18) Aldeia, Susana; Jayantilal, Shital; Nanez, Sergio
    The main objective of this work is to analyse the understanding of the tax authority regarding the application of the tax benefit in support of research and development in professional societies and whether this understanding complies with the legal provision. Additionally, to understand the sense of the recent decisions of the arbitral court in this matter. For this purpose, the study applies the legal research methodology. Several legal sources have been analysed, such as the personal income tax law, the corporate income tax law, the investment tax law, administrative doctrine and the jurisprudence of the Portuguese arbitration court. The study shows that the tax authority has been assuming an understanding that does not fit in the legislation currently in force and administrative doctrine concerning tax benefits for the research and development of professional companies. The public authority limits the tax deduction to these entities, and this limitation would not apply in the case of commercial, industrial or service companies. Moreover, the Portuguese arbitral court recently confirmed this discriminatory understanding and agreed with this view. Thus, case law contributes significantly to the clarification of the application of the law.
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    Profiling european consumers that engage in boycotting
    (Academic Conferences International Limited, 2023-09) Mata, Fernando; Baptista, Nuno; Dos-Santos, Maria; Jesus-Silva, Natacha
    Boycott involves abstention from buying specific products or brands for political, ethical, or ecological reasons.Boycott is usually framed as an expression of political consumerism and has been on the rise. Companies that suffer aboycott may endure severe consequences including long-term damaged brand image and harmed reputation. However,there is still an incomplete picture of the socio-political and demographic profile of boycotters. Most characterizations ofpolitical consumers are based on research that combines boycotters and buycotters under a single construct of politicalconsumers, and yet these consumers are driven by different motivations. The objective of this exploratory study is toprovide a general characterization of European political consumers that engage in boycotting. The data used was collectedbetween the 25th of May, 2022 and the18th of September, 2022, and was retrieved from the 10th edition (2022) of theEuropean Social Survey. The study employs binary logistic regression to assess the association between boycotting andvarious potential factors listed in extant literature. Results indicate that boycotting behaviour is affected by age and otherlife-cycle variables, gender, education, institutional trust, the degree of satisfaction with the political system and thegovernment, the level of trust in information and communication technology, reported self-happiness and self-generalhealth perceptions. In general, the parameters of the models suggest that European consumers that engage in boycottingbehaviour tend to be female, young, well-educated, trust on national political institutions and make intensive use of digitalmedia. The conclusions of the empirical study are discussed and interpreted in light of current theories of consumerbehaviour that highlight the post-modern, fragmented and globalized characteristics of current western societies. Theresults of this study enrich the literature on consumer boycotts and confirm the predicting power of various socio-demographic, psychological and attitudinal variables. Avenues for future research are identified together withconsideration of the study limitations.
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    Modelo de monitoramento da aprendizagem com dispositivos biométricos para jogos de simulação de negócios: Metodologia PBP
    (CISTI, 2023-06-23) Ferreira, Cleiton Pons; González, Carina Soledad; Moreira, Fernando
    A implementação de jogos de simulação de negócios (BSG) para capacitação de pessoas está a tornar-se uma estratégia de ensino muito procurada por universidades; no entanto, o acompanhamento e análise em tempo real de aspetos relacionados com a aprendizagem e a sua relação com elementos fornecidos pelo jogo durante a sua utilização ainda são pouco estudados. O objetivo deste trabalho é apresentar uma proposta de metodologia para monitorização desses simuladores de ambientes organizacionais, baseado na análise da experiência do jogador apoiada em dispositivos biométricos. O modelo experimental proposto, denominado PBP, considera uma análise em três perspetivas (Fisiológica, Comportamental e Psicológica), que de forma combinada permitem oferecer informações de usabilidade que ocorrem em tempo real. Com a aplicação do método, esperase explorar ao máximo as potencialidades e principais recursos que são significativos para os jogadores, colaborando com insights para que os desenvolvedores possam melhorar essas ferramentas de suporte educacional, de forma a preparar e motivar os profissionais com as melhores habilidades e competências necessárias para se destacar no mundo do trabalho.
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    Sustainability and gender: Intricacies in family firms
    (IBIMA Publishing, 2023-06) Ramos, Adelinda; Jayantilal, Shital; Sardo, Filipe
    The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development seeks to promote social inclusion, environmentally responsible behavior, and economic growth at the horizon of 2030. [...]
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    Attributes of health and wellness tourism units: An importance-performance analysis
    (Travel and Tourism Research Association, 2010-09) Quintela, Joana; Correia, Anabela; Antunes, Joaquim Gonçalves
    Tha main objective of this study consists of identifying the attributes that please more and that are more emphasized by the users of five thermal units and a hotel with Spa situated in a Portuguese region. [...]
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    Health, wellness and happiness: A demand analysis
    (Academic Conferences International Limited, 2023-06) Quintela, Joana; Costa, Carlos; Correia, Anabela
    Wllness tourism is one of the most promising niche markets within the tourism field worldwide, assuming a recognized role in the global tourist scenario. [...]