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Isabel Miguel
Isabel Miguel holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology, from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Graduate degree in Psychology, by the same University. She is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology and Education at Portucalense University (UPT), where she teaches in the fields of social psychology and developmental psychology. She is the Erasmus Coordinator for the Department of Psychology and Education, at UPT. She is an integrated member of Portucalense Psychology Institute (I2P) of Portucalense University. At present, her main research interests include social representations, social psychology of development, social contexts of aging, age attitudes and discrimination, and behavior change. She has (co-) authored publication in scientific journals, conferences proceedings and book chapter in these fields. She is a founding member of the Social Psychology Center (NPO) of the Portuguese Association of Psychology (APP). Afiliação: I2P - Instituto Portucalense de Psicologia. DPE - Departamento de Psicologia e Educação.
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I2P - Instituto Portucalense de Psicologia
Portucalense Institute for Psychology (I2P) is a R&D unit devoted to the study of cognition and behavior in context. With an interdisciplinary focus, namely on Education,Translational and Applied Psychology

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