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Carla Azevedo Lobo é doutorada em Gestão pela Universidade Portucalense. É Professora Auxiliar da Universidade Portucalense e leciona em cursos de Licenciatura, Mestrado e Doutoramento, na área das Ciências Empresariais. É também Coordenadora do Curso de Licenciatura em Gestão, desde 2010. É investigadora do REMIT (Research on Economics, Management and Information Technologies). Foi a Investigadora Responsável do Projeto de Investigação ("IEcPBI”) na área dos Negócios Internacionais, financiado pelo COMPETE 2020, FEDER e FCT, entre 2018 - 2022. Afiliação: Investigadora do REMIT - Research on Economics, Management and Information Technologies (departamento: DEG)

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REMIT – Research on Economics, Management and Information Technologies
Centro de investigação que que tem como objetivo principal produzir e disseminar conhecimento teórico e aplicado que possibilite uma maior compreensão das dinâmicas e tendências económicas, empresariais, territoriais e tecnológicas do mundo contemporâneo e dos seus efeitos socioeconómicos. O REMIT adota uma perspetiva multidisciplinar que integra vários domínios científicos: Economia e Gestão; Ciências e Tecnologia; Turismo, Património e Cultura. Founded in 2017, REMIT – Research on Economics, Management and Information Technologies is a research unit of Portucalense University. Based on a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective it aims at responding to social challenges through a holistic approach involving a wide range of scientific fields such as Economics, Management, Science, Technology, Tourism, Heritage and Culture. Grounded on the production of advanced scientific knowledge, REMIT has a special focus on its application to the resolution of real issues and challenges, having as strategic orientations: - the understanding of local, national and international environment; - the development of activities oriented to professional practice, namely in the business world.

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  • PublicaçãoAcesso Aberto
    Special Issue Information
    2023-01 - Fernandes, Cristina; Durão, Natércia; Moreira, Fernando; Lobo, Carla Azevedo; Santos-Pereira, Carla
    Dear Colleagues, Sustainability generally addresses three fundamental pillars: environmental and ecological, economic, and social. It is a concept related to the conservation or maintenance of a scenario in the long term to deal well with possible threats. The notion of sustainability emerged supported by the clear understanding that natural resources are limited and finite. In this understanding, sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. [...]
  • PublicaçãoAcesso Aberto
    The importance of the skills in business digitalization for the internationalization strategy: Evidence for Portuguese firms
    2020 - Santos-Pereira, Carla; Durão, Natércia; Moreira, Fernando; Lobo, Carla Azevedo
    To meet the requirements of both national and international competition firms need to engage in a continuous innovation process and constantly restructure their operations. Firms must find new ways to develop a competitive advantage, which entails searching for and acquiring new skills, resources and competences. Traditional theories of internationalization focused mainly on multinational firms, giving less importance to entrepreneurs with their small businesses. However, the development of the business world has been breaking all boundaries with the increasing internationalization of firms, not dependent on their size, activity sector or geographical area of origin. It is also widely acknowledged that organizations have suffered a large evolution at the technological level where the traditional barriers of information and knowledge transferring have been progressively eliminated. Digital transformation (DT), in business practice can enable significant competitive advantage. DT can also be seen as a deep and accelerating transformation with regard to processes, activities, competences and models, in order to take advantage of the changes and opportunities offered by the inclusion of digital technologies into an organization. In the literature of business internationalization, a large number of scientific studies focus on the determinants of internationalization and more specifically, on their relationship with the success / failure of internationalization. However, few of them analyze the entrepreneur’s perspective. Therefore, this work aims to present a study focused on the entrepreneur’s perception about the internationalization process of his company, more specifically, about the factors that enhanced the company entry into foreign markets as well as the constraints found in this process. In this project, through an empirical study from a sample of 195 Portuguese International firms, we intend to confirm if the integration of technological innovations in business practice can enable significant competitive advantage including in business internationalization.
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    Digitalization, sustainability and internationalization Nexus: Insights from portuguese entrepreneurs
    2024-06-04 - Durão, Natércia; Moreira, Fernando; Santos-Pereira, Carla; Lobo, Carla Azevedo
    The convergence of digitalization, sustainability, and internationalization represents a fundamental paradigm shift in today’s world of global business. This paper delves into the intricate relationship among these three pillars and their transformative impact on businesses, economies, and societies worldwide. Digitalization, characterized by the adoption of digital technologies, serves as a catalyst for internationalization, breaking down traditional barriers and fostering seamless connectivity across borders. Concurrently, the imperative of sustainability compels organizations to operate with consideration for environmental, social, and economic factors. Bearing this reality in mind, the aim of this study is to investigate, from the perspective of entrepreneurs of internationalized Portuguese companies, the factors contributing most to the importance they attach to digitalization in inducing internationalization. Using statistical methods of regression analysis (linear and logistic multivariate regression), the study seeks to identify the complex interactions between digitalization strategies and international expansion efforts. The results shed light on the critical role that digitalization plays in supporting internationalization goals and furthering sustainability objectives, stating that there is a strong connection between the importance of digitalization partnerships, counselling, and access to the new technologies and resources. Additionally, budget constraints may pose challenges for companies prioritizing digitalization efforts.
  • PublicaçãoAcesso Aberto
    Digital Transformation Strategies and AI Gen for Sustainable Business Development
    2024-06-30 - Santos-Pereira, Carla; Lobo, Carla Azevedo; Moreira, Fernando
    The Special Issue "Digital Transformation Strategies and AI Gen for Sustainable Business Development" delves into the pivotal role that digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI) play in fostering sustainable business practices. This Special Issue explores the intersection of cutting-edge AI technologies and digital strategies, highlighting their potential to drive sustainability in various business sectors. Emphasis is placed on how these technologies can be leveraged to enhance efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and create innovative business models that prioritize long-term ecological balance. The articles within this Special Issue examine case studies, theoretical frameworks, and practical implementations of AI and digital transformation, providing a comprehensive overview of their benefits and challenges. Key topics include the integration of AI in supply chain management, the development of smart cities, the role of big data in sustainability, and the ethical considerations of AI deployment. This collection aims to provide valuable insights for academics, industry professionals, and policymakers interested in the sustainable evolution of businesses through advanced technological interventions.
  • PublicaçãoAcesso Restrito
    Go international with digital transformation
    2024-07-01 - Lobo, Carla Azevedo; Moreira, Fernando
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