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    Impactful creativity: The role of entrepreneurship education in driving sustainable development [abstract]
    (IEREK, 2023-11-07) Durão, Marília; Simão, Emília; Veríssimo, Medéia; Nogueira, Sónia; Fernandes, Sandra
    The cultural and creative sector is one of the most dynamic sectors of the portuguese economy, contributing to job creation, innovation, social development, preservation of cultural heritage, and the promotion of the country's image across the globe. [...]
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    Digital culture and music: the influence of fandom on musical consolidation in pandemic times through digital platforms [Abstract]
    (FLUP - UP, 2022-07-16) Borges, Mariane; Simão, Emília
    This study aims to identify the influence of fandom on the consolidation of artistic success in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, analyzing the behavioral phenomena related to the audience on digital platforms focused on the trajectory of independent artist Ana Cañas. The pandemic caused the cancellation of in-person concerts as a restrictive measure to prevent the spread of the virus, bringing major difficulties for the artists, especially for independent music artists. In the middle of this scenario, Ana Cañas achieved artistic success, made possible due the intervention of fandom: the strategy enabled a live broadcast and recording of an album using digital platforms. This research is based on qualitative and quantitative approach and is classified as a case study, using document analysis and netnography as research techniques for data collection and selection and analysis of comments generated from fan activism, around three digital platforms - Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The uses of the three platforms in the musical experience and the proximity generated with the communication between fan and artist in this period were observed. It was found that fandom activism effectively helped in the musical consolidation of the independent artist, but represented, above all, a political act of resistance. The social impact that the fandom has had in times of crisis, as it was in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, is extremely important. Fans played a social role in promoting the artist, using digital platforms as a space for intervention, debate and criticism. Alternative solutions were proposed through the union and collaboration of its members, who acted independently to achieve a common objective, breaking with the dominant power structures. Being independent in the music world goes beyond the debate that involves indies or majors, indie is a state of mind that sets itself against corporate hegemonic values. The fandom acted as a movement of social mobilization and political participation, claiming their rights based on the participation and engagement of the fans themselves.
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    Teaching Urbanism with Sudoku [abstract]
    (Universidade da Coruña, 2022-05) Florentino, Rui
    The urban knowledge is mandatory in the career of Architecture. However, the subjects to understand the evolution of cities, their planning, design and governance have greater complexity, especially the ones regarding technical issues, linked with the Sustainable Development Goals, as mobility, energy, economy and climate change. [...]