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    La Revolution des Oeillets: un trésor documentaire à découvrir.
    (FFCB; ARALD, 1995) Nunes, Manuela Barreto
    Le premier octobre prochain, se déroulent des élections législatives au portugal. [...]
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    Projetos, Bibliotecas, Interlocutores, Territórios - até 2030, como?
    (2019-09-21) Nunes, Manuela Barreto
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    Bibliotecas: Encontros com a Leitura
    (2018-10-31) Nunes, Manuela Barreto
    O papel das bibliotecas na promoção da leitura e das literacias.
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    Reading today: what’s the meaning?
    (IASL - International Association of School Librarianship, 2005-07) Martins, Ana Bela; Nunes, Manuela Barreto
    The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the meaning of reading in a global informational world. The theme will be approached within the programme of the Portuguese network of school libraries, which will be briefly presented. The reading of fiction books is a crucial aspect of the development of all other kinds of reading; literature is essential to enrich the capacities of understanding and acting within the world and to develop literacy skills, including the informational ones. In this sense, we will discuss the importance of the development of literature collections and related activities in school libraries, while trying to answer to some key questions: how can we define the concept of reading well? What is a good reader? What kinds of reading will more easily help a child develop information skills? In this context, we’ll discuss the very activity of building and managing school library collections. What should be the weight of literature in school library collections? To which kinds of activities should the school libraries preferentially address their efforts? Should they pay more attention to literature related activities, or should they just worry with the teaching of research methods and information skills? The points of view defended on this paper will be illustrated by some experiences led and to be led in cooperation, within the Portuguese School Libraries Network.